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Re: Diamond card Lube and cleaning

Don Evans
I not only turn but carve, both power and hand, when you carve buy hand you learn how the sharpen or you don't carve for long!
I started out using 3 cheap diamond stones, years ago, and learn real fast that I needed and wanted the best. I purchased 4 diamond hones DMT brand that are 3" x 10" they are great. I started out with them using water with dawn dishwashing detergent in the water. About 3 drops to a pint of water. I've never look back or had any problem with rust BUT you gotta dry you hones every time you use them. Not only do I wipe them first but then I blow them top, bottom and sides with compressed air. The air blows any standing water no matter how small off, done correctly it's no problem.
FYI you should never use a diamond stone dry but water isn't a problem and the added soap helps.
The stones I have are course, fine, extra fine and extra extra fine. A carver needs all four if you mess up an edge but when reshaped if done when need you only use the last 2.
One last thing to clean a gummed up diamond stone use soap and water AND a nylon brush.
To me, this is less messy than using oil and DMT says water and soap. Try both and decide which you like best, I'm sure both methods will work.

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