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How to turn to a drawing *LINK*

David Walser
Most often, I start turning with a general idea what shape I want the finished object to be. Like many of you, I enjoy the freedom of having the wood 'speak to me'. (I've found most pieces of wood to be silent, by the way.) However, there are times when I have a specific design in mind and may have even gone to the trouble of producing a measured drawing of what I want to make. (This is always the case when I turn a lamp base for one of my wife's stained glass lamp shades. She always gives me a drawing of what she wants the base to look like.)

Anyway, here's a link to a video from Wood Magazine that shows their recommended process for turning to a drawing. The project is making a cake stand, but their process can be adapted to most other turning projects. I'm not endorsing everything done in the video, but I learned from it and found it worthwhile.

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