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Turning blanks for boxes

Ron Borowicz
I got real lucky this spring and picked up quite a few walnut logs. I cut the logs into sections and cut the sections in half and coated the ends and two inches down with a sealer and put them into the coolest part of my barn. I turn mostly in the fall and winter and it is getting time to further process these sections.

In the past I have turned mostly bowls and hollow forms and I turn them twice. In the near future I would like to start turning some boxes and would like to make blanks out of some of this walnut I have. For boxes, I anticipate making blanks, sealing them and turning them dry to completion "sometime in the future". I pretty much have bowl processing down but am unsure of what to do for boxes that I would like to turn dry.

I assume to make and dry blanks for boxes I would make squares of varying lengths, seal them and store them for a year per inch thickness. Right? Do you seal the entire blank? Can you store them on top of one another? Have you ever tried soaking "box blanks" in denatured alcohol?

Anyone out there make their own blanks for boxes? How do you process the logs?


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