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One Way 1236SD Lathe

Tom Lightner
I recently received a One-Way 1236SD lathe. Looking for folks who have or had one. Any experiences or lessons learned appreciated.

I am chairman of a program sponsored by San Diego Woodturners called "Turn Around For Vets";with the mission of teaching woodturning as a form of mental and physical therapy to our wounded and injured servicemen. We intend to use this lathe for the program.

The lathe was donated to us but had been in storage for some time but was damaged in the process.The tail stock has been damaged (casting broken) beyond repair and the quill bent so I'm looking for these part(s)to avoid buying a very expensive new one from One-Way. We are a non profit and rely on donations to support the no fee program for our vets!

Help/Advice sincerely appreciated!

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