Turning Archive

A Robust Day

David Smith
I'm on the northern California coast visiting my mom for the next three weeks. When I arrived two days ago I sent an email to the local woodturner's club just checking if anyone wanted to get together, talk turning or even make some shavings. The response was overwhelming, my mother is wondering if she'll even see me this trip. Yesterday I met up with a turner, actually he's quite an artist. I enjoyed talking about the items he turned and learned a lot. But then the real fun began. He showed me his recently purchased Robust American Beauty. And then he told me I could turn on it so I grabbed my tools from the car and picked a piece of wood out of the firewood stack (he offered but I didn't want to use any of his really nice wood). The American Beauty was an absolute joy to turn on. I really wanted this to come home with me but I don't even have room for something so big and heavy. I was left alone all day, he did check in on me and invited me to lunch, and again as I was finishing up for the day and cleaning up my mess. I was told that I could return any time I wanted, and that is an offer I will follow up on! I still have six other turners to meet with, I suppose I'll need to take my mother out to dinner one night to make up for my absence.

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