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Oneway 6" Faceplate

Tom Colligan
I had reason to order this accessory and upon opening the box there is a small strip that reads: "WARNING: The set screws in this faceplate will damage the threads on a soft shaft . . . Only top quality wood lathes have hardened spindles."

I wouldn't think tightening a set screw would be necessary here as the centrifugal force works toward tightening the faceplate, no?

Would any of you tighten the set screws when using a faceplate like this? I ask because this mfr must have reason for going to the extra steps in making this accessory with two set screws.

Thanks, and a quick apology for misidentifying my Jet lathe last week. I asked for advice about replacing the bearings in my lathe and I described it as 1440. Dick you were right as it is the 1442 model and not the (newer) 1440 model. Thanks and I learned something about a Reeves Drive Pulley. The YouTube videos showing how to replace the bearings on a lathe did not use a model having this type of pulley. I'm going to take a pass on the project.

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