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skew vs negative rake scraper

john lucas
I was turning some box elder this morning and it is a very hard wood to cut without tearout. To answer the question of a negative rake scraper vs skew on it's side I decided to try this wood. I put a fresh burr on the negative rake scraper and the skew was honed with a 1200 grit diamond hone. I tried scraping with the negative rake scraper and then shear scraping. Same with the skew. ON this wood there was almost no difference. The skew does stay sharp longer. You have to refresh the negative rake scraper burr pretty frequently. Makes me wonder if I took my negative rake scraper and polished both surfaces so it has a razor edge will it cut clean and stay sharp longer. Maybe that's a test for later on. Either one cleaned up the wood quite a bit better than a 55 degree bowl gouge. The Hunter mini Hercules did by far the best even though there was still 2 places that just would not cut clean. Just for the hell of it I cut against the grain on one pass across the bottom. I had more tearout over all but it was manageable. I had less tearout in the bad area by a good ways so it made it easy to sand out with 150 grit.

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