Turning Archive

Turning wood and passage of time

Roy Girolami
The longer you turn, the more wood bits and pieces you accumulate. You also probably go through stages where you do pens, pepper mills, bottle stoppers, bowls, chair legs, rolling pins and all sorts of things. Well, when you are going through the various phases, you collect wood. I found various sellers who would tempt me with species I had never heard of, so I bought some. Maybe I didn't need all the piece, so I cut off what I needed and squirreled away the remnant. So now I can look and my stash and wonder what in the heck is that particular piece. I can identify tulipwood and purple heart and zebra wood and probably bloodwood, but the other bits are more mysterious. For instance, years ago the club bought some "cocobolo" from a guy who had a container full that supposedly came from Costa Rica. Doesn't look like any cocobolo I've seen anywhere else. And one piece I have is labeled with a paper sticker as louro prieto. Google directs me to a Portuguese model and actress.

It's too late for me to salvage the scraps, but maybe some of you will take this to heart and mark your bits so you can identify them down the road.


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