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Eclipse fun *PIC*

John K Jordan
Had a great time visiting with Sir Lucas today. Charlie Anderson drove down from Maryland and we bopped over to the Lucas estate. I took my 8" telescope with a solar filter and also projected an image of the sun into a cardboard box from a smaller telescope.

The most amazing thing for me was during the totality I took the filter off the big telescope and could see a number of red solar prominences around the moon - the first I've ever seen with my own eyes!

The sunspots are visible in this projection:

The cardboard box projection allowed several people to see the image at the same time.

I held the DSLR camera up to the eyepiece of the telescope. The optical configuration didn't allow a photo of the full sun but this shows the color and level of detail we could see.

These are eclipse projections on the sidewalk from pinhole lenses made by overlapping leaves high above:


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