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Use of Lacquer/Thinner on punky wood

Ron Borowicz
I like the spalted look and have quite a few rough turned spalted maple blanks. A number of these have soft punky spots. I have previously used Minwax hardener with limited success and am ready to try another approach.

In a previous post on some punky spots in a cherry burl some of you mentioned using lacquer and thinner (thinner could be acetone) on punky wood. I think the mixture was 10% thinner. My questions are 1. I assume you use the mixture after you have trued up the rough blank and are happy with the look...right, both outside and inside...right? 2. Do you treat the entire blank or just the soft spots? If you treat the entire blank do you brush it on or do you soak the blank in a large "pot" filled with the mixture. If you treat the entire blank by soaking do you save any excess mixture for another blank? If you soak it...how long? How long before you start re-turning. One of the problems I have with brushing on Minwax hardener is that it doesn't absorb the same in all spots (obviously, I don't brush on the same amount in all spots.)

Lots of questions! Thanks!

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