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Re: buying tools without handles

John K Jordan
Thank you, Sir David! The one made from Bubinga at the top is stippled with a small oval-shaped carbide burr on a Dremel - touch, touch, touch... Takes a while if there is a lot of area! After I go all the way around I find the extents where I might have been sloppy and use a skew to cut v-grooves to clean up the edges, occasionally burning in the grooves with light-colored wood.

Some of the others use the little star wheel texturing tool with the dots filled in with walnut grain filler paste. Sometimes I just cut grooves, little shallow beads or coves, or use a pointed tool to distress the surface. Occasionally a knurling tool. Very occasionally I'll get out the carving gouges and knives. Something a little different each time, I hope. It's just a tool handle so I can experiment with wild variations without worrying what it will look like.


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