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PM 4224 On-Off

Don Stephan
Don't know how others work, but when making once turned bowls from log blanks I stop and start the lathe a lot. On the outside, I am checking progress on bark removal and looking for defects in the wood. On the inside I'll feeling for ridges and checking wall thickness.

Last week I noticed that rotation of the spindle would often be delayed a few seconds when I pulled the on/off button back out. Yesterday I thought I'd avoid the on/off button by simply turning the speed dial back to zero for an inspection, then back again. The 3rd or 4th time I did this the machine would not spin up again until I pushed in and pulled out the on/off button a couple times.

Can anyone advise if the above represents one problem or two, and possible causes/fixes? I didn't expect PM tech department would be open Saturday afternoon, but I will try to contact it tomorrow.


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