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round carbide bowl gouge?
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John K Jordan
Do you have a picture of the tool or a link with the picture? Does it have a brand name? Did it come from a store or an individual?

When you say "round carbide cutting insert" is the insert a flat disk, a cupped disk? If so, what diameter? A larger diameter disk be very grabby. A smaller diameter disk can be more controllable.

A bowl gouge can cut with just a tiny bit of the edge at the tip and can be very controllable. The small cupped carbide disk such as on the Hunter Hercules can be used much like a bowl gouge once you know how.

These are typical bowl gouges:

This is a carbide scraper, intended for finishing, not hollowing bowls:

These can be grabby if used improperly and even otherwise result in a horrible surface finish compared to a sharp gouge. Another issue is trying to use the tool with too much over hang off the tool rest. A big issue is presentation of the tool at the right position and angle - get it wrong, bam.

I only use a scraper on the inside of a bowl after hollowing and only if I have trouble removing tool marks. Even then, it's not a carbide disk but a HSS tool ground with a negative rake.

I agree with the others. 30 minutes with an experienced woodturner could identify the problem and provide a solution. Perhaps attend a club meeting in your area and ask there and meet some turners who would be glad to help.

Or take a class with a good instructor.


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