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A burl turning design question

Mark Wollschlager
I am in the process of making ( for the first time ) a fully natural bottom, flat topped red mallee burl with several 'bowl' depressions in the top.
Mounting was fun and I have flattened the top.
The next steps have me scratching my head a bit.
Should I finish sand the top before proceeding to create the first 'bowl'?
It seems the best way to maintain a crisp edge on the depression.
Then finish that 'bowl', then move the center and create the next one and so on.
I envision 3 bowls.
I know there is no escape from hand sanding and cleanup. I should be able to remount on any of the centers. I just don't want to get too far and then give myself a concussion from too many facepalms. :)

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