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Re: Moving Nova lathes - recommendations *PIC*

John Spitters

I big thank you needs to go out to my friend Jake for welding this up for me.
I purchased this Nova 1624-44 as a second lathe that I could make portable to be able to use the lathe at demos etc. outside of my shop. This required modifying the original stand, the bed of the lathe is attached to a piece of 1" Baltic Birch ply, this is then attached to the plywood base beneath it with four bolts. This allows me to unbolt the lathe from the stand and simply slide it into the back of my p.u. truck and then load the separate stand into the truck.
The wheel system is pretty much self explaining, the press screw makes it very easy to lift or lower this end of the lathe to either add or remove the wheels. For the opposite end I will be attaching a set of removable wheel barrow style handles.

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