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I've use my shop-crane several times. *LINK*

Keith Newton
It's easy to lift with the crane, once you find the center of gravity to lift from. Once I have it up, I put a couple of 2x6" planks across the feet, then let the weight down on the boards, but with chain still tight above to prevent tipover. It's easy to push around, but the steel wheels are easy to chock with any small scrap, so it might be better change out with softer wheels, if you have a finish floor to protect.

With the legs folded up, and the crane arm down, it only takes about 4 square feet of storage floor space. And of course, if you need to load the lathe onto a trailer or back of a pickup, it's easy as pie. Just pump it up high, then back the truck under, then let it down.

And of course, it can be used to lift heavy turning blanks up to mount onto the headstock.

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