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Moving Nova lathes - recommendations

George Taylor
Our club just received 4 Nova 1624 lathes for use in workshops and beginner training thanks to a very generous grant from a local foundation. When they are not in use, they will be stored in a large closet with the rest of our turning club items (we are in the basement of the local cultural center). We are evaluating the best alternative for their portability choices appear to be:

- equipping with a non-Nova wheel if we can match the threading on the leg.
- purchase a $100 Nova portable base (not sure if it was intended for the 1624, still need to check out
- purchase a hydraulic/pneumatic cart (or something equivalent) to individually move them around.

Are we missing something obvious; we also have a Delta midi lathe to move around as well.

Thanks in advance

George in the Texas Hill Country

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