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Little spear off the lathe

Jack Guzman from Maine
I just finished roughing out some riven green oak blanks for chair legs. I take a 2"x2"x2' piece of red oak that I have just split out of a log. It is still wet it is so green. I place it between centers and using a 2" roughing gouge I turn it into a cylinder for air drying in the shop for awhile. I usually run the lathe as fast as it will go without shaking the lathe. I start at about 1200 and crank it up as it gets rounder. I had all the corners off and was getting close to smooth at about 2400 rpm when a 2"long splinter came off it and imbedded itself like a little spear about an eighth of an inch into the plywood wall behind the lathe. Never saw that happen before. I think I will be a bit more cautious from now on.---Jack

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