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Near accident

john lucas
OK this is a weird one. I cleaned and lubed the bed of my lathe with WD-40 (yea I know it's not really a lube but it works so well for this purpose). Anyway I was turning afterwords and had the tailstock up close to the headstock to drill a piece. I pushed it I guess more aggressively than I thought to get it out of the way. It took off like it was on rollers and was going to fall of the end. I still had hold of it but couldn't stop it from falling off. I hung on to it and slowed it down before it hit the floor. I have matts so nothing damaged but it could have easily hurt me. It took a lot of Umph on my part to slow it down. It weighs 57lbs and feels heavier than that. Would have been really easy to hurt my back but also pulled me off balance and I sort of ran across the room after it hit the floor. Could have easily hit my head or other parts of me on something solid but managed to miss all of that. All in all it was my fitness and balance that saved me but it could have been much worse so easily. Freak accident because I've slid the tailstock back 1,000 times or more and never had that happen. I think I said something like Dagnabbit but probably came out with 4 letter words instead.

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