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Ellis Walentine
I generally don't smile too much on solicitations for other forums, but this is a little different. Jim has been one of our stalwarts here since, what, Day 1? And, Bill used to be a friend of mine, until I didn't align with his Second Amendment views on a public woodworking forum. Though he has severed all ties with me and WoodCentral, I don't begrudge him and I'm happy to support this new venture. He's a good man and an excellent teacher, and I'm sure will be sharing lots of great information on his new site, and more power to him, and to Jim for taking over the reins.

People who come here do it for the company we keep, not to mention the variety and quality of information we have here collectively. There will be other forums and some may appeal to some folks to the exclusion of WoodCentral, but I frankly don't care. We do what we do, and we've attracted half a million viewers a year here for the past 18 years. I'm feeling secure enough to let Jim promote this new site.


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