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Re: taking stuff to an art gallery

Keith Newton
You could just use a big box with the pieces padded, and easy to pull out to put into their hands. It's always good for people to touch the work when it's good.

Since your a photographer, it would be good to have lots more images on a thumb drive or other digital media. Still better, if you have any printed info with a bio, be sure to include that, with any links to website or photo sharing site.

It is a sad fact that everyone is not a good judge of what it really good and original, nor do they trust their own judgment, so having a good resume makes it easier for your agent to sell your name, as much as selling your art. Make sure all your works are signed and dated along with the wood species. Sometimes I have clients come back years later wanting a piece that has been gone for a decade or more, and they can be sold a new piece if it's out of the wood they saw and liked.

Good Luck, hope this helps

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