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Aeronautical engineer needed *PIC*

john lucas
Many years ago Powermatic sold a dust collector hood shaped somewhat like this with a wing in the middle to improve the airflow. Apparently it didn't sell well and hasn't been in their catalog for a long time. I always wanted to build one. I was in Lowes this morning and bought this wall vent. I turned it into a sort of Oval and want to put a wing in the middle. Anyone have any ideas on the best shape to improve the airflow. It would be easy to just make the same curve on both sides but I'm wondering about the front and back. Seems like it might be better to make a more rounded front and taper to a point in the back but that's just my vision based on aircraft wings and has no basis whatsoever on increasing the airflow into a 4" opening in the back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I just read the book on the story of the Wright Brothers and really don't have the time to rig up experiments to see what makes the airflow better. See the photo below to get a better idea of what I'm trying to do.

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