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cold bend wood *PIC*

john lucas
It's been a while since I worked with this wood so I thought I would start over with my experiments. This wood comes to you wet and needs to be bent wet. This is 2 years old and has dried. So my first experiment was, can it be re wet. It can. Here is an example. 1/8" thick and bend into a pretty tight circle.
I found early on that this stuff was impossible to turn to smaller diameters when wet. It simply is too floppy and want's to ride up over the edge of the tool. I'm going to try to dry a piece and turn it, then re wet it and bend it so see if that works. I'll let you know in the next couple of days.
this piece was bent using just my fingers and then clamped for 2 days to let it dry.

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cold bend wood *PIC*
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