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Jim in Burlington, Ont.

It's been awhile since I have been a regular here on WC, much has changed for me, many challenges and rough miles walked but now I'm in a good place, I will be moving to Burlington Ont in the next month.

I bought a small house with a great shop space, less than 1 KM from the Burlington LV! The previous owner of the home ran a marine engine repair business from home for 20 years in an attached custom built heated/insulated shop. It's 16 ft by 45 ft, so that beats my old 18x18 space in Oakville.

Taking apart my shop after 23 years was and still is quite a job, machines, tools and wood all in storage and ready to be moved in after I get the DC hooked up. It will be good to get back to the things I love about wood working and put the past behind me. Looking forward to being Back,

Take Care, Jim

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