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learning to use Trifocals

john lucas
Yea I finally bit the dust and went that route. Tried the lenses with no line and that didn't work at all. Felt like I was looking through a 1" circle when I was reading. Very annoying. These have 3 focal lengths. It's taking me a little while to get used to moving my head a certain distance away for some focal lengths. They work perfectly for up close turning, it's that distance from about 16" to 3 feet that although very sharp focus I have to hold my head just right. I'm learning. The good thing is I can now see my pistol sights and with just a very slight movement of my head the target is in focus. Haven't had time to go to the range and try them out but will do that shortly.
I was sanding this morning and I now have no excuse for leaving any scratches. If I do it's just being lazy. Finishing up my latest 2 mirrors this morning. Will try to get enough finish on them and fully assembled by saturday and then will get a photo.

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