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Selling a lathe

William Rogers
I purchased a new Laguna Revo 18-36 and will be putting my Powermatic 90 up for sale. The speed is the lower range 350-2100 rpm. I have made several improvements to the PM 90. It is a single phase 1 hp motor, swing was raised to 18", and has 5 Robust tool rest. I also have the offset banjo that is scarce and at least a $200 value. What I want opinions on is what to include with the sale. The lathe is worth more than the normal price range of $1,000-$1,200, but a higher price may be difficult.
What should I include withe the lathe. Should I just list the lathe at $1,000-$1,200 only offering the the 12" and 4" straight rest? Then sell the other tool rest and offset banjo. Should be able to get $50 per rest and $200 for the banjo or offer with the lathe for say $300 more?

Edit: this is my first post on this fourm and appreciate any recommendations.

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