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John K Jordan
Reed, I posted this reply on SMC - reposted here for discussion purposes:

I like the large bearing surface of the pivot on the lower arm, especially since it's made out of wood. Is the problem too much friction, or do you want smoother pivoting? Is so, a thin washer made from HDPE or something might help. Or are you looking for engineering ideas to produce these to sell? Want less play? Something else?

I can imagine that bearings that allow the arm to move too freely could be a hazard to the guy who turned the lathe on then let the arm swing into the work. A positive lock could help with this, saw with the type of locking lever typically used to lock the tool rest in place, tightened from below.

That's a great idea - I need one when using a rotary carver for long stretches. I've been resting my arm on a tool rest which is not ideal. I may make one, probably welded steel.

Do you find yourself adjusting the height often when sanding? If not, a collar locked to the tool post with a set screw could set the height. The sphere jig I have uses this method.


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