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Finial or not? *PIC*

Roger Chandler
First hollow form I have made in about two years. Got through all the sanding and had one of those "I wonder" moments, so I knocked out a finial for this. Originally, it was to be a stand alone hollow form, so I left a collar around the opening. I am going back to a gallery next month that I left in 2015, and was wondering if I should display this with the finial, or simply by itself?

Opinions are welcome! :) The ambrosia beetles did some nice work on that maple wood. This is not my best picture of the hollow form.......due to sizing requirements here on WC, I had to resize one of the pics I had, but it has shadows that I don't like. My best one is a good bit better than this, but I do not want to resize it down so small. I think resizing made it look a little squatty.......it looks better in person!

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