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Re: Hmmm, my wife didn't understand it

John K Jordan
Perhaps she is a bible scholar? :-)

Although legend says Mary traveled by donkey, to the best of my knowledge no where in the King James does it say what she rode to Bethlehem. According to some historians, common means of travel at that time were donkey, horse, camel, cart, and walking.

Since the distance was about 80 miles she probably rode something since walking might have been difficult for her. And yikes, walking through Sameria? Probably not a good idea for a Jew!

I personally like to think Joseph, gainfully employed in the noble profession of woodworking, could probably have afforded a more comfortable cart and horse, or perhaps even borrowed one from one of his fellow woodworkers, you know they are a helpful bunch. (Probably borrowed from a woodturner, everyone knows they are wonderful and generous people!) Or who knows, maybe he built carts himself.

Unfortunately, a nice cart ride would spoil the joke.


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