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looking for recommendations on lathes

Hi All,

I'm a hobbyist woodturner and I'd like to replace my current lathe with a new one. I own a Rikon MIDI lathe with a 12" total swing capacity and I'd like to go beyond that. I do around 20% vase segmentation and 80% small bowl turning. My "wife-planned" budget is 3000$ (but up to 4000$ if it really worths), and my target is to be able to turn relatively big bowls, like up to 22" or so.

A couple of questions:

- The two brands I'm looking into are PM and Laguna. I've understood that in the past there were some noises about the quality and motor reliability of Laguna, but I might not be updated so I'm wondering if someone could please provide a better feedback here. As far as I've understood PM is the best and there is no depreciation with time, but Laguna - for the same bucks - can provide a bigger capacity.
- From the stability, comfort and ergonomics point of view, is the sliding head+bed extension comparable to the inboard turning? As example, I'm thinking about a big bowl like 22"; is the outboard turning with PM3520b w/ bed extension the same as the inboard turning with a Laguna 24/36?
- Is Grizzly a valuable alternative? It is extremely cheap, and the reviews are not as bad, so I'm wondering: am I missing something here?

Thanks, Luca

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