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New roughing gouge, handle *PIC*

John K Jordan
This spindle roughing gouge is made from 1" diameter Thompson steel. The shaft (can hardly call it a tang) is 5/8" diameter, the same as the smaller (and incredible) Thompson/St.Leger 5/8" roughing gouge. The smaller one is my favorite for small diameter spindles but this one works great for 2" to 4" spindles.

For a handle that would fit both, plus a few others, I made a new adapter on the metal-cutting lathe. This one is cut from a 1-1/4" diameter brass rod from the scrap yard. Drilling the 5/8" thru hole was tricky.

The largest I've made so far, it's pretty heavy made from brass, and the gouge is heavy too. To balance the weight I turned the handle from a piece of a Persimmon tree I cut here in 2006. A 3/4" hole is drilled deep into the handle so I can adjust the protrusion of a couple of longer tools with 5/8" shafts.

Works very well! (and feels good in the hand)


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