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Some older pieces *PIC*

john lucas
I had to rephotograph these because the full size original photos were no where to be found. Actually the Yellow one was probably film and the slides are probably in the Tenn. TEch Archives.
The Goblets are Love Doesn't know Boundaries. This was done in honor of my cousin who passed away from Breast Cancer. She had a very good marriage to a black man and had 2 good kids one of Whom later died in Afganistan. There is a clear resin egg inside her belly with 2 small goblets. This was actually the start of my miniature goblet phase.
The other piece is called Just another Face in the crowd. It was created to take with me to the first AAW demo I ever did. I had been playing with contrast and negative spaces trying to understand the better. I built a copy of the famous goblet that shows a face in the negative spaces. Many people found it hard to see so I placed a box around it and now it was easy to see the face in the negative space. Then I created the goblet on the outside of the box using dots and working with the negative spaces between the dots to create the goblet. I then turned a sort of rough human shape to support the box and put a bowl on top of it's head. This left the top looking funny so I put a bowl there. Still didn't like it so I decided to put hair on the bowl in the form of miniature goblets. I don't remember the correct number now but there's something like 70 of them.

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Some older pieces *PIC*
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