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Dave Paine
I agree on the benefits of the handle adapters.

I love being able to remove the tool for sharpening. The handles often get in the way for the tools which have the metal glued into the handle. I will likely cut out the metal from the handles over time.

These days I try to purchase unhandled tools to use with a handle adapter.

I purchased a metal lathe a couple of years ago to allow me to make jigs and tools for the wood working / turninghobby. A few months ago I purchased a small knee mill to help with various machining operations. I love using the mill for drilling my turning projects. So easy to move the knee when I get to full depth on the quill. Also the mill is so much more rigid than the drill press table.

I do not expect to make enough items on the metal machines to feel like I have saved the money I spent on the metal machines, but I would now hate to be without these machines.

When I purchased my wood lathe I was surprised at how much I spent on tools and accessories to aid in turning.

I have to say the amount I spent on the wood lathe tools and accessories is a fraction of the money I have spent on tooling, measuring, etc. for the metal lathe and mill.

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