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John K Jordan
>>>Thanks John. ACE Hardware has set screws, in numerous sizes. I looked at Cindy Drozda's web site, and will go with what she demonstrated. Reason I ask is some of my tools are to short to sharpen in the Wolverine Jig.

Sharpening a tool out of the handle is a big advantage.

Another advantage of these adapters is keeping several tools sharpened the same. I keep several identical Thompson spindle gouges. When one gets dull, I replace it with a sharp one and keep going, only stopping to sharpen when they are all dull.

Another advantage is to minimize too storage space for those rare woodturners I've heard about who might have too many tools. Ahem...

When I make smaller versions of these I sometimes have to grind the set screw shorter so it will fit. It's nice to have all the set screws use the same hex key.

If you have the space, even a small metal lathe is so useful in the shop. A couple of years ago I added a mill and lathe and now I would hate to be without either.


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