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John K Jordan
>>>John, where can I find the type ferrules you have on your tools ?


I usually make them. I think some of the turning tool suppliers carry them but I don't know exactly where these days and I don't even know what to call them. I'm not sure "ferrule" is the word. I called one a "collet" once and got chastised for it. :-) Maybe "adapter?"

Some of the tool makers sell similar things but some don't let you adjust the depth of the shaft embedded in the handle. Some come built into a handle. I like these since they are cheap, simple, and I like to make my own wooden handles.

I like to drill a deep hole in the handle so I can leave less of the the tool shaft exposed than common. I find it gives me a more control but more important, as the tool gets shorter from sharpening I can keep the same length extended for consistency.

Another reason I like to make them is all I've seen for sale, such as the second one from the top in my picture, have been about the same diameter even if drilled for a 1/4" tool shaft. I like to make them smaller for smaller tools since they are more comfortable to for me to grip, especially when "choking up" on the tool for small work or when holding it with just one hand.

I got one from Frank Penta who had a machinist make up a bunch. I made all the rest myself from aluminum or steel. I use a metal lathe although I did make one from aluminum on the wood lathe using standard turning tools. It was slow but worked.

I used a short piece of 6061 aluminum rod held in a small jaws in a supernova chuck, drilled the hole size I needed through the stock, turned down the smaller part that gets glued into the handle (ribbed a bit for the glue), then reversed and held that part to turn the working end. I drilled and tapped two holes for the set screws.

I'm sure someone knows where to buy them.


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