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Nova DVR Upgrade panel and sudden starts

John in Lutz
Nova is selling a Control Panel Upgrade (part #55523) for the Nova DVRs version 6.06 and newer. It has many nice features including 10 presets that can be accessed with one finger instead of combination of two fingers required by my old panel. It also includes a knob for speed adjustment. It is only $150, so in the lathe world is a good deal.

I had one problem with mine. By the second or third day when I using the lathe it start up by itself. Fortunately I was working a small spindle so not a problem but definitely a surprise. I reset things and seemed fine until the next day when it did it again. I put my old panel on and called Novausa. The gentleman I spoke with was very good and ultimately suggested I put the ferrite choke that came in the kit on the ribbon wire attaching the panel to the lathe.

While the kit included the ferrite choke the manual included did not tell how it was to be installed. I believe I read somewhere amongst some of the nova on-line documentation on line that it is used if you adding the remote control which I did not. The nova rep told me you do this by twisting the ribbon cable as the hole in the choke was much narrower than the ribbon. That worked well. Since I installed the choke (two weeks ago) I have had no problems and really like the panel. I did get a follow communication that Nova was updating the instruction and that would be included in the next version. For those who might be using the new panel before the updated instructions come out, I hope this is helpful.

This is the link to the instructions for the upgrade panel. (maybe the longest in history)


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