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John K Jordan
I've used several on my grinders. I don't like the cheap T dressers I've had - the thin coating of diamonds came off quickly. Far better was a multi-diamond dressing tool that has diamonds embedded in maybe a 3/4" rectangle 1/2" x 1/4" wide. I've used it a long time on the grinding wheels in my little weld shop without wearing it away significantly.

Better still is the single-point dresser. I haven't used the OneWay tool but for years I used a single-point tool very similar to the Geiger tool:
It may even be an earlier version of the Geiger or one similar, can't remember. The body has angles machined that ride against the front of a tool rest, holding the diamond at an angle.

Thing is, the single-point diamond guts of that tool is very inexpensive. You can find many on Amazon, for example, for $5-$10. It would be easy to make a holder from a piece of scrap wood to fit a specific tool rest.

I did have trouble with one particular Norton grind wheel that I could not get to run true. I installed the OneWay balancer and it was amazing. Evidently some grinding wheels are not perfectly homogeneous and can be a little heavier on one side. No amount of dressing can make them perfect but the balancer took care of it for me.

That said, I did switch to CBN wheels for my lathe tools. Far better! I still have grinders with stone wheels I use for mild steel since the non-hardened steels apparently can cause problems with CBN. My OneWay balancer is on the shelf.


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