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Clifton C
Well, I'm not trying to spend your money, but I love my CBN's ...
However, there is nothing wrong with a well dressed wheel. If the tools bounce, even a little, it makes sharpening just a little bit harder. I bought the O/W diamond dresser and even though built as all oneway products are, it just never performed like I thought it should. I bought one of the original Don G's diamond dresser, (gray, no markings) and, it works amazingly well. The T dresser will work, it just needs a light touch. As you can imagine, the tool is bouncing off high spots on the out of round wheel, a light touch with the dresser will remove the high spots, too much pressure and the dresser will just follow the contour of the wheel, and the bounce will get worse. All that being said, if you do buy a CBN, you wouldn't have to buy the diamond point dresser. Decisions decisions...

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