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Don's 'discontinued' jig with the height adjustment make sense when you're traveling around to other shops. This might be a good reason to keep the Vari-grind 2 around for the height adjustment at other shops.

I'm a relatively new turner so take the rest of this for what it's worth. My experience with other jigs is very limited. I did not buy the Vari-grind 2 because I thought the design was best, but because it was cheap on eBay.

As far as wear, I mostly do touch ups so my Vari-grind 2 doesn't wear out the center of my grinding wheels as much as some people say. If I were changing profiles a lot then wear might become an issue.

The 'tool holder' part of Vari-grind 2 can be removed from the base. I need to test if the tool holder can be used with a basket like the original Vari-grind. If so then maybe Vari-grind 2 provides the best of both worlds.

Last but not least, I'm told that a catch on a grinder could cause stone wheels to explode into pieces of shrapnel. Yikes!!! Not something that I'd want to happen with my kids or visitors around. I would say the Vari-Grind 2 does seem to be a much safer in this respect.

Now for a question: The white wheels that came with my grinder run smoothly, but my gouges still seem to bounce around a little when sharpening. I got the impression from Don's website that my 'T' style diamond wheel dresser can't solve this problem. Am I better off buying a 'diamond point' wheel dresser (like the Wovlerine or Don's) with better wheels, or buying CBN wheels which can't explode or need dressing?

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