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John K Jordan
>>>...and your opinion of the Vari-grind 2

Butting in with my 2 cents - I've had the Vari-grind for a bunch of years then bought the Vari-grind 2 when it came out. While the design seemed like a good idea, I dislike the Vari-grind 2 mostly because it forces the cut in the center of the wheel. I prefer to spread out the wear over the entire width of the wheel instead of just the center. With a stone wheel it would just mean dressing more often and earlier wheel diameter reduction. With the CBN I don't know.

Some people say they like it since it prevents accidentally letting the gouge slip off the side of the grinding wheel. I don't quite understand since I have never had this happen with the original Vari-grind.

My Vari-grind 2 hangs on the wall. I only keep it so visitors can try it to see if they like it.


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