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Re: Vari-grind basket height vs distance past jig?

Clifton C
Ron, the stick out reply was in response to Karl's question. My jig-leg is pinned so no one can change my nose angle when I am at the school. Once I set the V-arm, I have a locking collar that butts against the clamping block, so that distance remains constant. The stick out distance is from the on board gauge. After that, the only thing that really changes is the hight of the V-arm basket, and with Don G's system that's easy. I think the Ellsworth with the non adjustable leg works because he is specific on all the other grinder set-up parameters. I've always had a good time discussing this, and trying to understand the different points of view.
This is one idea I cannot grasp, "With any fixed nose angle, changing the the leg angle then affects the angle of the side grind." If I set the nose angle, then swing the tool onto its side, the only way I can change the wing angle appreciably is by changing the distance of the pivot point, i.e.. moving the V-arm. I know changing that distance then changes the nose angle, but then I readjust.
Usually, folks ask for help because their bowl gouge is "catchy" or "grabby". I show how the wings on their gouge are more vertical in relation to the flute, whereas a calm gouge has the wings more rolled over. Nether is right or wrong, it's just that more vertical is more grabby. I suppose the part I cannot get past is that if the gouge is on its side, wing in full contact with the wheel, changing the jig-leg doesn't change wing angle much, but moving the V-leg in or out certainly does. Anyway, still looking at it, thanks for the reply.

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