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Re: Vari-grind basket height vs distance past jig?

Ron Boulton
Changing the stick out is not normally used to change the nose angle. The stick out really changes the angle side grind because when you increase the stick out you then change the pivot point to compensate and get the same nose angle.
Once you settle on a stickout you should 'stick to it' otherwise every time you grind your gouge you will change the grind shape!

When you change the stick out or the leg angle you are really changing the angle of the side grind. As far as I can tell the stick out is a finer adjustment of the side grind than the leg angle. However the stick out may have other effects that I am not aware of. The increased stick out is not my idea and has been advised in several web articles to allow the Wolverine jig to more closely mimic the Ellsworth jig.

Please do a little experiment with one of your bowl gouges to clearly illustrate what I mean. ( You don't have to actually grind your gouge to see the effect.)

First change your jig leg angle to one extreme, say 90 Deg to the axis of the gouge. Then set the pivot point to give you the same nose angle that you normally use.
Without starting the grinder roll the jig over as if you were grinding the side and look where the grinding wheel is touching the gouge. It will be on one edge.
Then repeat with the leg angle set to almost parallel to the gouge axis. This time the wheel will grind the opposite edge of the side bevel.
I know these are extreme angles but they clearly illustrate what happens when you change the leg angle and keep the nose angle the same.

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