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Re: Vari-grind basket height vs distance past jig?

Ron Boulton
Sorry I have not replied to your Q before now.
My point is that it is the distance that the pivot point is from the wheel that sets the nose angle.
With any fixed nose angle, changing the the leg angle then affects the angle of the side grind.
Please remember that when you change the leg angle for the side grind you always have to readjust the pivot point to maintain the nose angle, but the nose angle can be set to any angle you require.

May I suggest that you look at the set up of a Wolverine Jig from the other direction.

For example if you are trying to copy an Ellsworth grind ( or Thompson or any other grind) first you must set the leg angle to get the desired shape of the side angle.
Then you adjust the pivot point to obtain the nose angle that you require.

The Ellsworth jig has a non adjustable leg angle to get the side grind that he requires. You can still get different nose angles with the Ellsworth jig while still maintaining the side grind shape.

Many turners once they obtain a suitable side angle on their jig lock the leg and never adjust it.
With the Wolverine or other similar jigs, the length and whether the side grind is convex, straight or concave is determined by the operator by how much you grind away at any point on the side grind

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