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Re: Wolverine/Vari grind help

John C Lucas
Interesting. I have been reducing the size of my main bevel for the last bunch of years. My main bevel including running around the wings is about 3mm. I think it may reduce catches. I started doing that for two reasons. One was to reduce the friction so i could "feel" the cut better which makes it easier not to force the cut. The other reason was i had been experimenting with Johannes convex grind to see if it reduced catches. I really could t tell if it reduced catches at least for me but then ive been using a bowl.gouge for almost 30 years a d dont vet many catches unless i do somethig stupid so its hard to judge. I did do an impromptu demo one time when the demonstrator had to cancel. I used another turners tools that had a full length bevel and really had to fight them.

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