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Band Saw Upgrade Problem

Robert Lalonde
I recently bought a 6" riser kit from an eBay seller for my 14" Delta Bandsaw. The originals are no longer available so I went with this 3rd party seller. The kit is imported I am sure.

Anyway, I have two problems with it. First, the 105" blade that came with it and a 105" Woodslicer 1/2" resaw blade I purchased from Highland are so tight that it is nearly impossible to get it on the wheels.

Next, the wheels are no longer planer. They are so far out that the blade rides at the very outside edge of the lower tire a little onto the wheel itself when it is centered on the upper tire. Also, the thrust bearings and guides don't extend far enough to be positioned properly.

Any ideas? Or am I just out of luck.

Thanks, Bob.

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