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Ron Boulton
I am afraid that I have to respectfully disagree with Lyle regarding what effects the Wolverine Jig leg angle and the distance of the pivot point have on the swept back grind.

For a start both settings do have an effect on both the tip and side angle.

However the pivot point affects the tip angle most but more importantly it is the Leg angle ( and the projection of the gouge from the jig to a smaller effect) that has a major affect on the side angle grind.

Try this on your jig. Set the gouge in your jig to your standard settings (say 2" projection and 60Deg tip angle). Now move the leg angle towards both extremes (resetting the pivot point each time to maintain the Tip Angle). Then look carefully what happens to the side grind. You don't have to actually grind your gouge. As you rotate the gouge as if grinding you can easily see where steel would be removed
Moving the leg angle to close to the gouge axis grinds more off the the side edge closer to the flute while moving the leg closer to 90deg to the gouge axis grinds more off the side away from the flute ( the bottom of the side angle). This is while the tip angle remains set at 60deg.

Don't believe then just go and try it for yourself. Its very easy to see
PS If you want an Ellsworth grind on a Wolverine jig try increasing the projection to around 3"

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