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This may help someone down the road.
I ended up with the Carba-tec threading jig less spindle and bushings.
I used a metric thread pitch gauge and verified the spindle throat has M30-2 threads.
I ordered an M30-2 die and started turning several bushings to complete the jig.
I am using a metal lathe to machine the bushings to size and will use a tap & die
to cut the inner and outer threads.
The locking post has an M8-1.25 metric thread which needs to be extended if used
on any lathe other then the old Carba-tec lathe.
There are 4 threaded mounting holes in the base of the threading jig these are metric M6 threads.
The threaded mounting holes makes it easy to mount the jig to a raised base for the lathe you have.

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