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John K Jordan
I've done exactly that, except with a piece of paper towel instead of sawdust. I had a small spray bottle with water handy. That time, I could actually reach the water.

I had some CA fun yesterday. I had several of 8 oz bottles of EZ Bond in a small cardboard box in the fridge and one had developed a leak and emptied into the box. The box caught the glue but all the bottles were embedded in a 1/2" of solidified glue. Dumb me took a screwdriver and mallet to try to crack the glue and remove the full bottles. A slip put the screwdriver through a full bottle and the glue poured out. Quick, I grabbed some empty bottles to save the glue with the help of an improvised funnel. Dumb me didn't hold things with enough control and the glue overfilled the funnel and started running out onto the concrete floor. In my haste to recover I knocked over the half filled bottle. Quick work with a paper towel and I was able to coat both hands with a thick layer of medium CA and a layer of well-glued paper towel. Fortunately, nothing got hot this time. I scraped and picked the paper and glue off my fingers for hours. I can finally play the piano again.


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