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Bevel rubbing vs scraping *PIC*

john lucas
I was asked to do a photo showing the difference in scraping vs bevel rubbing. I pulled out a piece of pine that I had for some sort of demo. I used a flat EZ wood tool on the right. Then a well used Hunter Hercules for the next 3 cuts. Scraping then shear scraping and then bevel rubbing. This is probably not the best example because this wood won't cut clean with anything but a razor sharp skew. With a fresh Hercules cutter I could get a cleaner but. This one has been used by students in my last 3 classes and I don't even know how many times it's been used before that. I don't think I've replaced one of the cutters in the Hercules yet so it's well worn and I can see some chips in the edge. Still cut pretty clean.

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