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color question *PIC*

GaryG in MD
OK, so I already know the answer -- try it on a piece of scrap.
I don't have a piece of scrap like this, and this is already finely finished. That's the problem.

At this point, I'd like to ask the experts among you.

Can I airbrush an alcohol-based dye over a piece already finished with Myland's Sanding Sealer (two coats diluted 50/50) that has been sanded to a silky sheen with Abralon 4000.

It's a small (3") femisphere of unknown (scrap) wood. It's the "alpha" version -- call it "proof of concept" -- I didn't even bother to rotate it before first gluing so there's no grain match on this one. My bad. Coulda, shoulda, woulda...
Yes, this is the one I had concerns about the water-based glue warping the ends -- turns out it came out OK. Whew.

I think I would like it colored rather than the rather blah "wood" color that it currently exhibits. The photo is before finishing.

I know I should have dyed it before I sealed it, but I didn't. That's for next time.
What do I do with this one?

Can I put alcohol dye over lacquer or will it just sit on top in most area and make a horrible, blotchy mess in places where it may soak in? Airbrushing should be much better than just slopping it on, but will that be enough?

Should I just leave it alone, or go for it?
I am particularly interested to hear from somebody who has already done this, for better or worse. ...GG

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